Pikashow APK is an amazing streaming application which is best for the android users to watch their favourite movies, serials, shows and also live cricket in a high quality resolution. This is 100% free application for watching content. And the most peaceful thing about this app is that it is not controversial app, because it does not accupy limited language support but it has a support to multiple languages used in different countries. No boundary restrictions are applicable to its use. 

App NamePikashow APK
Latest Versionv85
Size16.5 MB
Required4.4 and up
DeveloperPikashow Team
Total downloads100,00000
Last updatefew seconds ago


What is PikaShow APK?

Pikashow APK is the hub of major content including all the things such as versatile movies, Web series, fiction stories, live streaming shows such as morning show, or discussion chats, sports gala, World Cup and many more. No paid subscription or any hidden charges apply in order to use this application service. It is very handy and works smoothly. If we take a turn to the statistics of this streaming application then we come to know a study which tells us that we can get high quality music content upto the number, almost composed of 29,000 videos, 11,000 soundtracks and more than 2,000 video and audio tracks. Hence we may know that, we need not to go anywhere if once we come to its interface. It has user-friendly interface. No hard and fast rules are implemented to use this app.

Features of PikaShow APK

Multiple TV Channels Available:

There are videos, content, movies, Web series, serials and much more supported from various TV channels. Users can use this app as their mini-TV, where users can choose any TV channel to watch movies, videos and audios etc. People can listen to the audio and soundtracks worldwide. All the set sub-categories are built within this application.

Easy User-friendly Interface:

The Pikashow MOD APK app has a very smooth and easy user-friendly interface. There are no formal rules and regulations to use this app. When users open the app then smooth home screen shows, where all the set categories are built in home screen. No difficulty is there with whom users has to deal. It is very handy application.

Downloading Content:

The Pikashow APK allows its users to download streamed content , users are just a click away to download media. From every type of category, users are able to download by clicking on its downloading link and the movies or videos will directly be saved in your download folder without any charges.

Safe and Secure app:

This app shows positive conscience to its security and privacy in order to use. Though, it is an APK app that has been developed by third-party developers. It is free from viruses and bugs. It is fully secured with fixed bugs. We can say that it is surely safe because no registration is required and no need to give the necessary credentials Nad hence, no need to worry for data sharing in this APK app.

Streaming Content:

Users are at easy hand while using the app Pikashow APK Download. You people can get unlimited streaming movies, videos, web series, and live cricket matches, live sports gala  and much more with just a single tap. There are built various options within the screen button for its amazing content. Users can stream and fetch number of categories including romance, war, biography,  adventure, comedy, Hollywood, Bollywood, Web series and much more. 

Various Languages Support: 

This Pikashow 2023 app supports multiple languages in it. Users use this app for watching movies, videos and audios. The most beautiful thing about this app is that when people from anywhere watch any content or any culturally specific movies or web series, then they don’t need to worry because they can watch dubbed content and subtitles in various Languages are also available. So it proved that, this app is user friendly. No boundary restrictions nor language barriers hit this application functionalities. People can watch with captions whatever they want.

Various Multimedia Players:

The Pikashow app supports various multimedia players such as k-lite, VLC, windows media player and many others. It means that Pika Show helps its users to download content through their most suitable multimedia player. Users are from around the globe which means that preferences matter according to everyone. So everyone use his own favourite media player that helps them watch offline.

HD Quality movies:

The Pikashow APK app has come with its premium features. It provides high quality movies, videos, web series and live cricket. It helps to play videos smoothly and users can easily adjust the content quality from a range maximum upto 4K. They can play video with high quality according to the wifi connection speed.  

Ad-free Service:

The Pikashow APK app is free from advertisements. Now, users do not need to get disturbed while playing the video. They can watch movies advertisements nd series easily without any hesitation and disturbance. Next-level fun free from ads is just beyond you!

How to use PikaShow APK?

It is easy to use application service. Just do it now by downloading the app from this site and start using it by following some given steps:

  1. In order to use this app, users are required to install the app in their device.  
  2. So, Open the app in your android device to use it. 
  3. A well-organized home screen will be shown after opening it. 
  4. After it, button menu will be visible where users can see all the categories according to their mood by clicking on the button menu. 
  5. Now, users can easily select any video, movie, series or anything else to watch and then click to watch. 
  6. Now start watching the content by starting the video.  
  7. Have fun without any registration.

Key Features

  • Downloading Media, 
  • Best Streaming content,  
  • High Quality Media, 
  • Watch Live TV, 
  • Smooth Running application, 
  • No Paid Subscription, 
  • Multiple number of channels, 
  • All-Categorized Data, 
  • Easy User-friendly interface, 
  • Multi-Lingual Support,  
  • Update Regulation, 
  • Supports Various multimedia players, 
  • Ad-free service, 
  • Supports chatting, 
  • Easy and simple navigation, 
  • Versatile Genre Support,  
  • 50+ Live TV Stations.


Q. 1: What is PikaShow APK?

PikaShow APK is an amazing live streaming application which is used to watch movies, Web series, songs, soundtracks, videos, live cricket match, live shows and much more without any paid subscription. It is full with alot of categories of video and movies’ content.     

Q. 2: Are there any charges to use PikaShow APK?

Yes, it is 100% free of cost application that can easily be used to watch streaming content such as movies, videos and live cricket matches and shows,  and much more.

Q 3: Is PikaShow APK is available for IOS devices?

No, it is not available for IOS devices because IOS devices does not support APK apps versions in their devices for privacy reasons.  

Q. 4: Is it ad-free application?

Users can entertain themselves for not having ads in between running videos and movies. Now, there will be no any disturbing element for entertaining yourself.

Final Words

PikaShow APK application is a live streaming application to watch streaming content. Users can watch unlimited content without any charges such as movies, videos, live shows and cricket matches and web series etc. Users can enjoy using this application. The premium features are available in this application without any money. Unlike other streaming apps, users don’t need to get worried about its use. Users can enjoy subtitles in various Languages. It has user-friendly interface with simple and easy navigation. PikaShow APK is full of millions of movies and videos to watch. No location restrictions are implemented nor languages barriers are in between. People can use it anywhere and anytime worldwide. So, let’s do it and watch entertaining content in your spare time!